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Current Account: 4 plans from 0€/month offers today EUR and GBP current accounts from 0€ / month, with the Saurus Go Plan.

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EUR and GBP Prepaid Mastercard®

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No matter what monthly plan you choose, you can have a Saurus Prepaid Mastercard® for your purchases or cash withdrawals.

Choose the card design that best fits you and use it as a physical or virtual card.

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Joining hands with the Muslim community

Shari'ah Compliant is Shari’ah compliant for its applications, ensuring the Muslim community feels right at home using the Saurus App

Your digital finances, in the palm of your hand

iOS & Android App

Saurus has its iOS and Android applications available on both stores, developed in native code in-house and integrated and approved by our financial services provider and our KYC provider.

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Saurus TT for merchants and buyers

Our own POS

Based on our patent pending technology, Saurus have developed its own proprietary POS (point of sale) to businesses with accounts. Ensuring that they can receive payments by means of our patent pending Bumping technology at a lower cost of doing business.

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Making your payments easier

Scheduled payments and Direct debits

We have developed direct debit in the UK and SEPA, so you can schedule utility bill payments as direct debit and you can schedule outgoing fixed term payments, such as for your mortgage payments. You can already direct debit your salary, but by adding the direct debit function you will be able to use your account as your main current account.

What will we be working on?

Developments for the next 6 months

Throughout 2021 we will improve our own internal control methods for KYC, AML, ATF, and for statistical reporting to focus our advertising campaigns. We will concentrate strongly on both Compliance and growth.

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Our ambition to become a regulated entity

Our own EMI License

Having potentially our own EMI license would give us the freedom to make Saurus a bigger and better product driven by creating a sense of community and innovation.

New improved BUMPING version

More R&D and Intellectual Property

We aim to continue developing innovative technology and intellectual property that fixes real life problems of users and thereby increases the company value. This leads us to develop a new, improved version of Bumping, which can be finally integrated in iOS devices, ensuring market access increase and reaching more users with this solution.

How to create your current account
Virtual transactions

Integration with Apple Pay and Google Pay

The integration with Apple Pay and Google Pay will give our users wings to operate with Saurus virtual cards allowing to use virtual cards as contactless phone payments in stores or purchasing online.


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