FAQ- 23rd November, 2020

Can I open a Private account using the Saurus app?

Yes, you can apply for a Private account (EUR and/or GBP current account) in the Saurus App in minutes and typically you would receive an account approval within a minute or less on average once you complete the process, so please be a bit patient at the end of the KYC process and wait for a response on the App screen and by email.

Be advised that you must be resident in Europe (any EEA country or UK) and be +18 years old except for UK residents +16 years old.

Can I open a Business account using the Saurus app?

Yes, you can apply for a Business account (EUR and/or GBP current account) in the Saurus App in minutes and typically you would receive an account approval within a few days or less. Be advised that the uploading the company documents in the App is something you can skip if you wish and do it from your PC by login into the account you created in the APP using the same email & password. So, when you skip uploading in the APP only the company documents you will have completed the KYB process in the App, so please upload the missing documents from your PC to complete your KYB process because the account approval process cannot start before all the documents have been upload. Therefore, when you finish the company KYB process in the App do not wait for a response on the App screen as that process takes a few days.

Be advised that the company representative must be +18 years old and the company must be registered in Europe (any EEA country or UK).


Which currencies can I spend and use with the Saurus app?

Your Euros (EUR) or Pounds Sterling (GBP) money you can spend by payment transfer or through your Saurus.com Prepaid Mastercard (hereinafter Card or Saurus.com Card) in your NATIVE currency. In example if you reside in a country in Europe (example Spain) your Card currency is EUR but if you reside in the UK your Card currency is in GBP.

To spend any of your currencies (EUR or GBP) with your associated Card you need to make sure that you transfer funds in your NATIVE currency into the Card account or if you do not have sufficient funds in your NATIVE currency than you can use the FX facility if you have another currency available to FX that currency into NATIVE currency and then transfer the amount you wish of your available FX  NATIVE funds into your Card account.

If your account type has an auto top-up function from your current account in your NATIVE currency than you can activate it such that your Card auto tops-up with a default or selected amount, yet always limited by the amount of funds you have available in your current account NATIVE currency.

Where can I pay using the Saurus app and Card?

You can pay with the Suarus.com Card, associated with your Saurus App account, in most stores at home and abroad and in online merchants. You can also simply pay by making a payment transfer from your EUR or GBP current account directly from inside your Saurus app account.

If you have a GBP local-current account & sort code than you can make payment transfers using Faster Pay or by Direct Debit.

If you have a EUR IBAN-current account than you can make payment transfers using SEPA or by Direct Debit.

I have not yet received my Prepaid Card?

Please make sure that you completed your KYC and that your account balance is at least 10 GBP or 10 EURO for Pay as You Go account types or that you have paid your first month’s membership amount (monthly fee) into your current account for any other account type. Standard delivery can take from a few working days up to 21 working days in some cases depending on the postal service.

If you have not received your Card passed the previous average times and knowing your local postal delivery, then contact us inquiring about your Card delivery status. If more than 21 working days have passed and you are convinced that your Card could have been lost, then please report the Card as lost or stolen inside the app and then order a replacement Card.

I received my Card but it is not working?

First check the following points:

Make sure that you have not accidentally blocked the use of your Card inside the Saurus App. You can check this in the Cards settings section inside the App.

Check that there are no security settings that are still blocking your transactions such as for example, that you entered the correct PIN number and security code CVC or the expiry date. Do not make any payment transaction hastily as you only have 3 chances if you fill in the incorrect data.

If, however your Card is physically or visibly damaged or is simply worn out by its use, then you can simply order a replacement card form inside your Saurus App.

A fee might apply and the estimated delivery date might be provided as soon as you confirm the order, depending on the available delivery method.

in some particular occasions, we may be asking you to verify or state your source of funds depending on the amounts transferred into your Card or your current account, which is something we or our financial licensed services provider or his correspondence bank or Card provider are required to do to meet legal regulations in the countries where we operate or provide the re-sale or distribution of such financial services or simply for our Compliance procedures.

If none of the previous is working for you than you might need to order a replacement Card form inside the app.

Which currencies in my account will be deducted when spending by Card?

The default main currency will be dictated by the country of your address; however, in future we aim to introduce a feature to allow you to order an additional Card in a different currency or allow you to change in the App settings menu the default main (NATIVE) currency as EUR or GBP.

Can I get refunded into my Card?

The short answer is yes: You can receive a refund into your Saurus.com Card account as long as the original payment was made with your physical Card that you received from Saurus. After the merchant issues a refund, it will automatically appear in your account and visible inside the app, typically within 4 to 8 working days for card payments made in person in a retailer, but may take longer for certain online e-commerce transactions.

Why does my identity verification (KYC) not complete?

The identity verification process (KYC) of your passport, EU-residence card or EEA-identity card (no drivers licenses allowed for EEA residents except for UK residents it is allowed, except for UK residents it is allowed) can take anywhere between a minute or so and a day or more before you hear back from us with a confirmation accepted or failed. If your (KYC) identity verification has failed, please try again but this time with image(s) that are very clear and the document photo and text are clearly visible and readable without any blur or glare AND that the four corners of the document are well within the image photo area. Sometimes it’s mostly the low quality of the image of your passport or identity card or your selfie that are not clear enough causing the fail.

You must be 18 years or older and reside within the European Economic Area (EEA/EU) or be 16 years and older if you reside in the UK to open a current account with us.

We may request you to provide a proof of address. If requested and you do not have this proof of address you will need to contact us by email ([email protected]) for alternative documents and or to authorize an account opening if you believe that you provided all that was requested satisfactory.

How is the Saurus account different than a bank account?

First of all, Saurus.com nor Rewire Holding LTD are not a bank.

Your Saurus current account is an electronic money account provided by our financial services provider (PFS Ltd) which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI).

The Saurus current account is different than a bank account because:

  • You won´t be able to get an overdraft or a loan
  • You won´t earn interest on your account
  • Although your current account details are unique, they represent an electronic money account or digital money account. You can still use your accounts with Saurus to transfer funds to any regular 3rd party bank account and you can receive funds from any regular 3rd party bank account into your Saurus GBP account number and sort code or into your Saurus EURO IBAN current account.
  • Your money in a Saurus current account is protected and safeguarded by our financial services provider but it is not guaranteed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) in the UK or the equivalent in other countries of the EEA, however your monies are safe as they are all deposited in the correspondence bank of our financial services provider, which is currently in Barclays Bank.

You can however still spend your money in your Saurus account around the world with your Saurus.com Card, which you can order from inside the Saurus app.

Is Saurus.com regulated?

Saurus.com acts as a Distributor of PFS Card Services Ireland Limited (PFS), a company authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) as an Electronic Money Institution with registration number C175999. You can see the Distributor letter for Rewire Holding LTD here and of Saurus Subsidiary SL here.

What can I do if I have any further question not listed in this FAQ?

Contact us by writing an email to us to [email protected]



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