PERSONAL ACCOUNTS TERMS – 21th September, 2020


  1. Important information

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using your account, before activating your card and before using any of our services.

Our site(s) and our App(s), such as but not limited to (hereinafter or Saurus) are operated by Rewire Holding LTD or Saurus Subsidiary SL(hereinafter we, us or our), we are a company registered in England and Wales with company number 12344479, and we act as a Distributor of Prepaid Financial Services LTD (PFS), a company authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Electronic Money Institution under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 with registration number 900036.

This document explains the terms and conditions for your Saurus personal account and other important things about the use of it. You can also find helpful information in our FAQs.

The terms and conditions and the privacy policies combined constitute a legal Agreement (The “Agreement”) between Rewire Holding LTD or Saurus Subsidiary SL and the account holder (you or your), and you can read them through our app or you can copy them or read them also on our website at any time. Be aware that there are one or several different additional terms and conditions that are referenced within these terms and conditions and all together constitute the terms and conditions. Separate dedicated terms and conditions (T&Cs) for specific items or specific services or offers or promotions will be made available in due course, such as but not limited for example T&Cs for our future Referral Program.

  1. Saurus personal account
    • Type of account

Your Saurus account is an electronic money account holding your e-money in Euro or GPB, and electronic money in your Saurus account is issued by PFS and distributed and administered by Saurus.

  • How do I open an account?

Normally you must be at least 18 years old or over within Europe or at least 16 years old or over in UK to open a Saurus account. When you apply for an account, someone from our team or a third parties authorised by us, and by you by using our services herewith, will ask for information to comply with our requirements at our discretion and legal/regulatory requirements. By entering to this Agreement, you confirm that you consent to us or a third party authorised by us on our behalf to carry out any research related to you and/or your application.

When we have the information we need and if we think you fulfil our requirements, we will open your Saurus account and notify you accordingly.

You cannot open more than one Saurus personal account but you can have multiple current accounts (Euro and/or GBP).

Once you have put money in your account you will be able to use our Saurus services through our app, and you will be able to checkout all your in and out payments and receive money and transfer money as described herein.

  • Adding funds to your Saurus current account

 You can add money to your Saurus current account in the following ways:

Into your EURO IBAN current account:

  • By our bumping feature, sending instant funds contactless from another user to you, by that other Saurus user entering the amount in EURO to send you on his Android smartphones and then put both yours and his/her Android smartphones back to back to each other till they vibrate, using our licensed patent pending technology.
  • By an almost instant transfer from any EURO current account from another user.
  • By a standard EURO SEPA transfer from any 3rd party EURO current account.
  • In future and when available by topping up with a third part debit or credit card.
  • By FX from a foreign currency exchange into EURO currency transferred locally into your EURO IBAN current account with us.

Into your GBP local current account (sort code/account number)

  • By our bumping feature, sending instant funds contactless from another user to you, by that other Saurus user entering the amount in GBP to send you on his Android smartphones and then put both yours and his/her Android smartphones back to back to each other till they vibrate, using our licensed patent pending technology.
  • By an almost instant transfer from any GBP current account from another user.
  • By a standard faster pay GBP transfer from any 3rd party GBP local current account.
  • In future and when available by topping up with a third part debit or credit card.
  • By FX from a foreign currency exchange into GBP currency transferred locally into your GBP local current account with us.

The above is not a final and complete list and we may change or stop any of above methods or we could be adding other methods, which we might make available to you at any time without informing you or without any prior notice.


  • Direct debits from a Saurus account

 We aim in future to allow you to set up direct debits and/or standing orders from your Saurus account authorising the organisation taking direct debit payments from your current account(s) with us. It is your responsibility, if and when these services will be available in future, to check if there are sufficient funds before any payment is due, and if your account does not have sufficient funds the direct debit will be rejected and any standing orders will not be executed. If such services are available and you use them and at a distant future point you wish to stop any of such services (direct debit / standing order) than you must cancel such functions at least 5 working days before the next due date AND it is your sole responsibility to notify and inform any 3rd party to make sure they do not collect any such future direct debits and notify any receiving parties of your standing orders that they will not receive any further future payments. By using the direct debit function you accept any and all financial liabilities, even if a 3rd party that you approved to collects direct debits if they keep collecting one more direct debit despite you having stopped those with us and having notified them. It is up to you and such 3rd party that you had approved prior to collect direct debit and no responsibility or any financial or any such other liabilities are attributable to us if and when you use direct debit with us.


  • Authorisation for outgoing Payments

 When we execute an outgoing payment (hereinafter payment), it is your responsibility to ensure you provide correct recipient account details and amount and you are responsible if you give us incorrect instructions or you make the payment more than once, and we will not be liable for any loss or any damages direct or indirect or incidental that this may cause to you Although we will try to get your money back, we are not always capable to do this, and we will charge you a fee for tracing, recalling and cancelling a payment.

We may not execute or process an outgoing payment if:

  • Your Saurus account does not have sufficient funds to cover the payment.
  • Your Saurus account has reached its limits of use.
  • Your account is suspended or closed.
  • we believe it is required in compliance with any applicable law
  • We suspect fraudulent activity on your Saurus account.

We will notify you through the app of the refusal (unless the law or regulation or any appropriate or competent authority prevents or recommends us to do so) as soon as reasonable possible.

If, for any reason, a payment is processed for an amount greater than the available funds on your Saurus account, you must repay us the balance immediately after receiving a notification from us. Should you not repay this amount immediately we reserve the right to take all steps necessary, such as debit your due amount to us onto any of your current accounts with us, including legal action and/or closing your Saurus account to recover any monies outstanding.

 How long it takes to make a payment

 We understand that when you make a payment, it is very important to you that the recipient of your payment receives it within a reasonable time. However this time will depend on when (working day or holiday, working hours or out of working hours, before or after our working days cut-off time that we set from time to time) you tell us to make the payment and on the network load on the cloud, on our Electronic Money Institution (EMI) partner executing it in a timely manner and potentially depends on any 3rd party clearing banks and depends on our EMI partner correspondence bank execution time.

For example, the average timing is:

  • If you make a payment from your Saurus account to another Saurus account with the same currency (example EURO payment to another EURO account with us or GBP payment to another GBP account with us), in this case the recipient is aimed to receive it in a minute or so, or less depending on our network load.
  • If you make a payment from your Saurus account on an Android smartphone with our Bumping technology to another Saurus account on an Android smartphone with the same currency (example EURO payment to another EURO account with us or GBP payment to another GBP account with us), in this case the recipient is aimed to receive it almost instantly, depending on our network load.
  • By UK Faster Pay payments are aimed to be received in minutes.
  • If you make a payment to someone else’s 3rd party current account in the same currency within Europe for EURO or within UK for GBP it is aimed to be received on average the next business day.
  • If you want to make a payment from a Euro account with us or form a EURO account with a 3rd party to a GBP local current account with us, it will not be received simply because your GBP account with us is a local GBP account and does not have an IBAN associated with it but rather a sort code and an account number which is strictly for use within the United Kingdom locally. You could however use in future, if and when available our FX (foreign exchange) feature to send EUROs to the FX method and exchange and send it through the FX local transfer method into your GBP account with us.
  • If you want to make a transfer from your Euro or GBP account with us, through our future FX feature, if and when available, it is aimed to take a day or two but it could last on average up to four business days depending on which of the foreign currency that we aim to make available to you in future and on the processing time of any 3rd party partners.
  • Transfer money between Saurus users

 We aim for you to send and receive money virtually instantly between yourself and another Saurus user, choosing them from the Saurus users contact list, or by using our Bumping feature between Android smartphones, whereby the payment will aim to be received virtually immediately.

We aim to allow you to transfer money instantly between our nearby Android users through our licensed patent pending “Bumping” technology in a more secure way than current transfers by both Android smartphones sending a separate transaction request to our infrastructure (assuming both have internet access) and whereby our infrastructure verifies and consolidates these 2 as one transaction if both fully match and authenticate.

  • Payments made in error

 If you suspect an incorrect or unauthorised payment has been made from your account with us (for example a direct debit previously cancelled), you have to contact us immediately such that we can assist you in as far as we can to ensure this does not happen again, but we will not be liable for any loss as it is your responsibility to ensure the 3rd party you previously authorised to collect monies from your account was notified by you and stops collecting monies from your account.

If we make a payment into your account by mistake, we will take out from your account the same amount without asking you and if we take an amount out from your account by mistake we will refund the same amount back into your account as soon as we notice it ourselves or by you informing us about it. Depositing the monies back into your account, in this last case is the sole remedy in for this case and no other liabilities or damages are attributable to us other than returning the funds in this event.

 How is your money protected?

 We issue the equivalent electronic value of the money we receive in your account or that you add in e-money, and we place it into our “client money bank account” that we hold with a large commercial bank associated to our EMI partner, keeping your money separated from our own money, that way even in a case of insolvency of our company your money would be protected and would be paid to you from our “client money bank account”. Therefore, as we use this system to protect your money, it is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. We aim to introduce over time additional protection mechanism as a result of more data collected that will help us to take more automated decisions to protect our users funds even better from or any potential or suspected fraud or suspected illegal activity.

 How do you close your account?

 You can end this Agreement and close your account at any time by contacting our Customer Services or in future also through the App and it is your sole responsibility to transfer any of your available funds (minus any payments or fees to us, if any) with us to another account before closing it.

You might still have to pay some charges (for example if you entered prior to closing your account into a Saurus Monthly Subscription Plan Agreement and you terminate it before the agreed one year period applicable to all our monthly subscription plans) which will be deducted from your funds before closing your account or deducted automatically from the total funds you would be transferring out of your account prior to closing it.


  • Closing or block your account

 We may close or block your account without notifying you if:

  • Any of the statements you made when you created your account or thereafter at any time in the future become false, inaccurate or misleading in any way. It is your sole responsibility to keep all the information you provided to us up to date, including but not limited your country of residence or fiscal residency and your ID document to be upload when you replace an expired ID document and so forth.
  • You break the terms of any Agreement with us in any way.
  • We deem, at our sole discretion, that you are no longer entitled to have an account with us.
  • We suspect you are using our account for criminal or fraudulent purposes.
  • We deem, at our sole discretion, that your behaviour towards any of our team makes it difficult to deal with you for any reason what so ever without any prior notice.
  • If we have good reason to believe that your use of your account with us could directly or indirectly damage our reputation, our image, our brand, our software, systems or hardware or any of those previous listed applied to any our business partners, such as but not limited to our EMI partner, our EMI correspondent bank, our EMI CARD provider (i.e. Mastercard or any other).
  • If we believe that we have to do it to remain in compliance with any Agreement or contract that we may have with 3rd arties or to comply with any law or regulation, or court order or as instructed or recommended by any regulator with jurisdiction.

If any of the events listed above, or any additional one that we deem critically important even if not listed herein or in any such additional T&Cs, happen and there are funds remaining in your account, we aim to transfer these to any 3rd party current account on your name with any 3rd party or with a high-street bank within 30 days or any such other time frame that the law permits. If however any competent authority instructs or recommends us to freeze your funds or your account, than we will comply with such instruction or recommendation even if it comes with a no notice to you.

We may also decide to close or suspend temporarily or permanently your account for any other reason, in that case we aim to notify you through our app by notification and/or by email unless we were instructed or recommended not to do so by any competent authority or by our partner companies ‘or our own Compliance team.

 Saurus Personal Card

    • Type of card

 The (Saurus) card is a MasterCard Prepaid debit card. Please be advised that additional terms and conditions apply for the use of Prepaid Mastercard, which you can read here.

You can load your card with money from your primary associated current account with us and you authorise us herewith to automatically top-up your card account with us from your associated current account with us or we may decide at our sole discretion that you can only use the card with the funds that you load yourself manually from inside the App into your prepaid card with us. In the event we so choose to auto top-up up card from your account, once you accept that once in the App, that this is aimed to simulate that you can use your card with us in a similar way as a traditional debit card but with the knowledge that it is a prepaid card that will stop working if you send more than the amount available on the card account and that we cannot auto load your card if you do not have sufficient funds in your associated current account. Be aware that in the event of an auto card top-up that you might find it that you have sufficient funds in your card account but not sufficient funds in your current account with us to make your payments or transfers or direct debits or standing orders and that it is your sole responsibility to ensure that you have sufficient funds in both your current account with us as well as in your card account with us.

The maximum amount that you can load into your prepaid card will depend on the limits that applies to current account and your card account, you can see find those limits here.

  • Apply for, receive and activate a card

 Upon your request through our Saurus app we aim to issue a (Saurus) card associated with your account. The card will be posted to your home address as provided by you during the account creation process and which we aim that you can amend, correct or change if you move house at any time in future.

We aim for you to receive the Saurus card with a welcome letter with the instructions on how to activate your personal card through the Saurus app. Once it has been activated, you can access your card PIN through the Saurus app. It is your responsibility to keep the PIN and card details safe at all times.

Be advised that the Saurus app is aimed to allow you access to the original PIN when the card was issued to you and that if you change the PIN at any ATM machine that it is your responsibility to keep that PIN in a safe place as the Saurus app will not have that changed PIN. You will be however be able to recover or retrieve your PIN if you changed it and forgot it, through the Saurus app but a PIN number retrieval FEE will apply in most case, depending on which type of account you hold with us (i.e. which type of monthly subscription account or a pay as you go account or any such other future account type).

  • Using your Saurus card

 Your Saurus card can be used:

  • At any merchant to make purchases fees may apply)
  • Via internet to make purchases (3D secure fees may apply)
  • To obtain cash through ATMs worldwide (fees apply, see point 5)

When making purchases online, to ensure the online payments you make are secure (Strong Customer Authentication), we may ask you additional information or ask you for a security code (3D secure) that will be send to you by notification or by email (or any such other means at our sole discretion) as additional security in order to confirm you are the person performing the payment before the payment is accepted for execution.

You will need to authorise a transaction when paying in any Merchant by entering the PIN the first time you make a merchant POS (point of sale) payment or thereafter too over a certain amount, or it can also be done paying though contactless, and once you have authorised a transaction, you will not be able to withdraw your consent to that transaction for any reason whatsoever so please be careful and do not authorise any payments lightly and be vigilant and take your time to read and check before you authorise and card payment. Also, please protect your card inside a metal box as to avoid any contactless fraudulent charges on your card as those do not require any authorisation other than the proximity of your card to any POS device, so protect your card such that malicious people cannot get near your card even contactless by shielding your card in a metal cards box. It your sole responsibility to protect your card from any fraudulent use or charges.

In some occasions, the merchants (especially hotels or car rentals) may need to access more funds that you are supposed to pay at first instance, in example to cover potential liabilities, and they may require us to authorise all the transactions you make. This is because they need to know if you have sufficient funds to cover the possible transaction, so make sure you only enter your PIN when you agree to all terms and conditions of the merchant because by entering your PIN you herewith authorise us to automatically authorise any and all transactions from any merchant where you entered your card PIN.

Regarding the internet merchants, some sites may, on registration or at checkout stage, send a request for payment authorisation to verify if funds are available on your card. This may temporarily affect the available balance. They may not deduct the amount from your Saurus card until goods are dispatched but you should be aware of any previous authorised payment that you did and such amount still has to be deducted from your available fund on your card account when you are making other follow on purchases and remember that it is your sole responsibility to ensure that you have enough balance or funds in your Saurus account and or in your card account to cover all your purchases.

The Saurus card can be used to make payments in other currencies than the card currency, such as when you are abroad, and the amount deducted from your card account will be converted using our card provider and/or EMI provider exchange rate and FX mark-up, which can fluctuate and change between the time you authorise the transaction and the time it is deducted from your account.

 Virtual Card

 A Saurus Virtual Card, if and when available in the future through our App, is a payment prepaid card that only exists virtually. Therefore, it hugely will help you in keeping your physical plastic card details secure as you do not have to have it with you.

To get a Saurus virtual card, go to the app and open the card section and go to “get a new card”, and select a virtual one. Then your virtual card will be automatically activated and you will be able to use it shortly after auto-activation as normal through your smartphone.

 Security details

 You are responsible for the use of your Saurus card and keeping it safe, including your Saurus virtual card through our App. You must not:

  • Share your physical or virtual card-, nor your App- nor your smartphone- security details with anyone.
  • Allow a third person to use your Saurus card or your Saurus App (virtual card).
  • Disclose or make available your PIN or App credentials or smartphone credentials to any third party, with the exception to the PIN when using a third party authorised ATM/POS merchant or your CVV number when using an authorised third party online merchant if you want to use their services but be very vigilant that such ATM/POS merchant/online merchant is truly genuine, especially when online make sure the website is truly the genuine one.
  • Enter the PIN in any ATM that does not look genuine, looks modified or has a suspicious device attached or operates in a suspicious manner.

You can freeze your Saurus card though our App or by calling our Customer Service, we recommend to always use our App when you have internet as it uses secure connections and it is the fastest way to freeze or un-freeze your card.

  • Blocking your Saurus card

 We might prevent you from using your card if we reasonably believe that it might be used fraudulently, without your permission, or to meet our legal or contractual obligations.

We aim to communicate with you in such an event through the App as soon as reasonable possible after we block your Saurus card, letting you know why we have done it, unless it would be unsecure or unlawful or at our sole discretion.

  • Lost or stolen cards

 In the event of loss, stolen, damaged, malfunction or any other situation in which the Saurus card could be in risk, you must ensure that you block or freeze your Saurus card immediately via the App or by contacting our Customer Support service only in the event that you have no internet to use your App.

You can ask for a card replacement through the App and we will deliver a new one to your home address (fees apply, see point 5).

 Expiry date

 The expiry date of the Saurus card is printed on the back of the card and once it expires you will not be able to use it. You can ask for a card replacement through the App before the expiration date and we will deliver a new one to your home address (fees apply, see point 5).

  1. Communicating with you

We aim to communicate with you primarily through the Saurus App (including notifications to your smartphone or pc) or by email, and at our sole discretion or by phone or by SMS, or potentially WhatsApp or other similar communications means, to give you any information we deem related with your account, so please make sure you check the App regularly by opening it to foreground and authenticating.

To keep your account safe and all the new features active, download the latest software for your device and the last version of our Saurus app when they come available by checking regularly for updates or when receiving a notification in your smartphone or by email or by any such other means that we may communicate with you.

Keep your personal details updated through our App and let us know if any given information changes by simply updating it through our App or if not possible for whatever reason than let us know through our customer service email.

We aim to communicate with you in English or Spanish, or at our sole discretion in future with any such other language(s) if and when they become available and we will notify you at least through one of the above mentioned communication channels.

  1. Monthly Subscriptions Plans Fees

Saurus Go

Is a pay as you go plan with no monthly subscription fees, however a one off fee will apply to for shipping and activation of your card.

Saurus Premium

Is a premium monthly subscription plan suitable for most people, with a monthly subscription fees, which includes a series of monthly transactions and items within this subscription package, and include amongst others shipping and activation of the card as part of the monthly fee. Anything over and beyond the number of transactions and items covered within the monthly package will be charged from then on at the Saurus Go fees only for those transactions and items above the inclusive ones in the package and for those transactions and items not listed in the monthly package, such as for example but not limited to the future FX fees.

Saurus High Net Worth

Is a premium monthly subscription plan suitable for high net worth individuals, with a higher monthly subscription fee, which includes a higher series of monthly transactions and items within this subscription package, and include amongst others shipping and activation of the card as part of the monthly fee. Anything over and beyond the higher number of transactions and items covered within this monthly package will be charged from then on at the Saurus Go fees only for those transactions and items above the inclusive ones in this package and for those transactions and items not listed in the monthly package, such as for example but not limited to the future SWIFT fees.

  1. Limits

When applying for a Saurus account, we aim for you to choose for now between Saurus “Go” or one of our Monthly Subscription Plans in the App, or in future potentially also from our website(s), based on the plan that you feel better servers your needs, according to the services we offer and the limits we have to receive, store and pay from your account or how much you can spend or withdraw with your Saurus card. You can check here the limits that apply for each of the plans or account type.

You can change your plan or account type at any time (fees might apply), and if your spending increases exceeding our limits we may ask you for some additional information and documentation, so please provide them as quick as possible.

 Restrictions on using the Saurus app and Card

Saurus current account or card must not be used:

  • To allow someone else to have access to your account or app.
  • By anyone different than the account holder.
  • For illegal or fraudulent purposes or in any matter prohibited by any law of any EEA country (Spain, etc.), including the UK.
  • To trade in foreign currencies with unlawful purposes or taking unlawful advantages or discrepancies in the foreign exchange market or to manipulate any foreign exchange markets or to trade with any non-public or privileged insider trading knowledge.
  • In a way that could harm our ability to provide our services.
  • In any way that may adversely/negatively affect tangible or intangibly our image, brand or our business operating margins or profits or costs.
  1. When we can change these terms

We may changes these or any such other additional T&Cs (terms or Terms and Conditions) at any time except for any additional charges or fees charged to you if any of those changes becoming more expensive to you than we will notify you 2 months before or 60 calendar days before, whichever comes earlier. Any reduction in charges or fees that have a beneficial effect to you are at our sole discretion and are aimed to be implemented at any time and at our sole discretion, without any prior notice and we reserve the right to apply discounts or even waive certain fees or charges on our published charges or fees for certain individual accounts that we select, if any, at any time at our sole discretion.

If you do not agree with the changes, you can terminate this Agreement within the 2 months before or 60 calendar days period before such changes become into force and you may close your Saurus account in accordance with clause 2.10. However, in the event you do not cancel during this period then any and all T&Cs changes will apply to you too automatically.

We also may change our T&Cs if any part of them is inconsistent with any regulatory requirement and you herewith consent that we can replace any non-compliant part or whole with new legally compliant parts or whole with the same original intend or meaning.

Any changes in our T&Cs, and/or any additional T&Cs, or our Privacy Policies that do not affect any charges or fees having a negative effect to you, we reserve the right to change all those at any time, at our sole discretion, and without any prior notice. So please read all our T&Cs and Privacy Policies regularly by checking the date of the latest version available through our website(s) and/or our App(s).

Any new and/or additional T&Cs of any kind, such as but not limited additional T&Cs for referral programs or any such other programs or any other additional T&Cs or new services can be added by us at any time, at our sole discretion without any prior notice.

  1. Commence and Termination of this Agreement

This Agreement will commence when we notify you that we have accepted your application by accepting your KYC and creating a current account for you or accepting an order for a Card for you and will continue until terminated by you or by us at our sole discretion.

We can terminate this Agreement at any time, without giving any reason, if we give you two months’ notice via our app, email or phone and refunding the balance on your account to you without charge.

We can also terminate this Agreement with immediate effect if you have breached any clause of any of our T&Cs or Privacy Policies or we have a reason to believe or suspect that you have used or intend to use the Saurus account or card in a negligent, fraudulent or non-ethical manner or in any other unlawful purposes, or if we cancel your Saurus account.

In the event that any additional fees are found to have been incurred on your account following termination by us, then subject to this Agreement, you must refund to us any sum which relates to a withdrawal on the account or fees and/or charges validly applied whether before or after termination. We will send a refund request to you and will require you to refund us immediately. Should you not repay this amount immediately after receiving the request for refund from us, we reserve the right to take all steps necessary, including legal action, to recover any monies outstanding from you to us.

  1. How to make a complaint

If you are unhappy with any element of the services provides by Saurus, than a complaint message can be sent by you to Customer Service via the app or via email to

One we have received your compliant we aim to investigate the complaint and give you a response within a couple of days but this can take up to 15 business days depending on our work load.

If you are not happy with our resolution you can send your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (

  1. Contacting customer service

If you want to contact us with regards to any matter related to our services you can contact us via our App or via email to

Lost, damaged or stolen cards can be reported preferably via the App as that is the fastest way that you can Freeze/Block your Card, alternatively by email to which is the slowest way or if you lost your phone and have no access to the App than you can contact us to report this by calling +34 646493599 and request us to Freeze/Block your Card on your account once we are satisfied that you answered security questions correctly to ensure it is truly you (the account holder) making such request.

  1. Our Intellectual property

We own or licence all intellectual property rights in our brand and name, our software, our App(s) and our Cloud infrastructure and all related materials. No right (including any intellectual property rights) in the aforementioned will vest in you at any time and you must not use our intellectual property as your own. We provide you herewith the right of use of our App(s) and services strictly and only in so long you remain a customer of us and have an active account with us.

  1. Miscellaneous
  • This Agreement is personal and only binds you and Saurus. You cannot transfer any right or obligation under it to anyone else.
  • Each term or condition of this Agreement operates independently and if any such term or condition is deemed unlawful or unenforceable at any time, than you consent herewith that any such unlawful or unenforceable part(s) will not affect any other term of this Agreement and you consent herewith that any such unlawful or unenforceable part(s) will be replaced by new wording with the same meaning or original intend which is deemed lawful or enforceable.
  • This Agreement is governed by English law and English courts will have exclusive jurisdiction to decide about any dispute in connection with this Agreement.
  • No third party who is not a party in this Agreement has any right to enforce any of the clauses in this Agreement.
  • If these terms and conditions or any such other additional terms and conditions or our privacy policies are translated into any another language, the English version will prevail.

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