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£/€ 1200/yearly

in discounts

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We are pleased to introduce you to the Essential Experiences program, where we would love to reward your loyalty with discount vouchers to redeem for amazing travelling experiences. Exchange your voucher in the Essential Experiences website

And just create new memories with your loved ones.

Receive a great voucher to redeem for your trips


Receive £/€100one-off voucher

Pay as you go


Receive £/€25month

Total £/€300 year

Best price


Receive £/€50month

Total £/€600 year

Better performance


Receive £/€100month

Total £/€1,200 year

Best return

How does Essential Experiences work?

  • Accumulate your monthly voucher

    Login the App and slide your screen to the right for the Essential Experiences section, where you can find your cumulative balance.

  • Redeem your voucher for your code

    If you have decided to use your accumulated voucher for your trip, click on “Book your travel” and you will receive a code in your email.

  • Visit Essential Experiences website

    Visit the Essential Experiences site, plan your booking and type your code and the discount will be automatically applied.

  • Enjoy your holidays

    And now, just relax and enjoy.


Are you ready for your dream holidays?

Redeem your voucher at Essential Experiences

Frequently asked questions

Once you click “Book your travel” on the Essential Experiences tab within the Saurus app, you will receive a unique code in your email associated with your Saurus account.

The voucher will be valid for 30 calendar days from the reception of the code. After 30 days, the code and voucher will automatically expire.

Once you open an account with Saurus, depending on the monthly plan you have subscribed, you can enjoy up to £1,200 annually in discounts (vouchers) when you travel with our partner agency Essential Experiences

In your Saurus App, click on account information and find the “Update your membership” option.

You can redeem as many vouchers as you want for a single code, that will be valid for 30 days

The payment is made in £, but do not worry, our provider will be in charge of making the currency exchange in the case you use €.

For customer service enquiries with Essential Experiences, please contact:

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Great discounts

With Saurus and Essential Experiences you can enjoy your holidays with great discounts.

Travel with Essential Experiences!

Great discounts on flights, hotels, cruises and much more.

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Welcome to the new generation

Click on the icon to download the Saurus app

Welcome to the new generation

Click on the icon to download the Saurus app